Emmanuel: 'God-with-us'

All this season of Advent, we sang "O come, o come, Emmanuel" to the haunting plainsong tune of Hymn 56. The tune has a slight pleading tone to it, even as we wait with eager longing for signs of our God-with-us, Emmanuel. A meditation I read this Advent suggested that when we feel overwhelmed with the problems of the world and the struggles of those we love that we might say the words at the beginning of Evensong: "O God, make speed to save us; o Lord, make haste to help us." God-with-us responds with his presence among us. -- Madre Liz

Children's Education

Every Sunday, during the 10 a.m. service, our children learn about the values found in the Gospel and taught by Jesus. 

God loves you. No exceptions!

Sunday Services

Held at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., we welcome you to praise God each Sunday.

Agape Thursdays

Every Thursday, we share a meal and celebrate Communion in a casual way with singing and discussion of the Gospel.

Community Service

Our outreach programs show those in the community that they are loved by God and not forgotten.

The family of St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church seeks to share and spread the joy of Christ's message by reaching out in service to each other and the wider community.

Christmas Eve Worship Services

4 p.m. -- Holy Eucharist with Christmas Pageant

                  and Carols

11 p.m. -- Candlelight Holy Eucharist Eucharist 

St. James the Fisherman

Episcopal Church

415 Thorsheim Street

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