The family of St. James the Fisherman seeks

to share and spread the joy of Christ's message

by reaching out in service to each other

and the wider community.

Children's Education

We are taking a summer break for our teachers, but welcome children in worship with us! 

Why ordinary? Nothing going on?

"Ordinary time" is the term the church came up with to describe that time between major Feasts like Christmas and Easter, when God is definitely still at work, and many faithful definitely still worship and celebrate and minister in the community! It just means no major feasts, not abstaining completely from celebrating, which we do every Sunday, the day of Resurrection!  So, just because it's summer, don't quit coming to church! Come join us. We're just not that ordinary!

St. James the Fisherman

Episcopal Church

421 Thorsheim Street

Kodiak, AK


Sunday Services

Held at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., we welcome you to hear the Word of God and receive Communion each Sunday.

Agape Thursdays

Every Thursday at 5:30 p.m., except in Holy Week, we share a meal, discuss the Gospel, and celebrate Communion in an informal way in the Rectory next to the church.

Celebration of the Feminine

Wednesday, July 22, we will celebration the Feast of Mary Magdalene with a Taize service featuring prayers from Celtic and other traditions holding up feminine images of God, and insights into St. Mary Magdalene.